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Many people might misunderstand that Agile is only for project management. Actually, Agile is a mindset so it can be embedded perfectly into Daily Management by following the Scrumban framework. Scrumban is combination of Scrum and Kanban. Although Scrum, a framework under the Agile umbrella, is for project management, important roles of Scrum are useful for daily management. Kanban, from manufacturing, is a signboard which is helpful to visualize all working backlog and statuses. That is why business and even education adopt Scrumban to transform their traditional daily management to Agile daily management. This workshop will provide participants with knowledge, skills, and attributes they will need to apply Scrumban to their daily work to infuse it with joy and satisfaction.


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to understand Agile and transform their organization from traditional daily management to Agile daily management.

Program Benefits

- Knowledge of the History of Agile 

- Understanding of  the Agile Manifesto with 4 Values and 12 Principles

- Designing  a model Agile working place

- Understanding of the concept of Scrumban for Agile Daily Management

- Construction of a Scrumban board, for practicing Agile daily management

- Learning from case studies


Program Outline

-  What is Agile?

- The Agile History

- The Agile Manifesto with 4 Values and 12 Principles

- Learning Scrumban for Agile Daily Management

- Roles and Responsibilities

- Backlog Listing, Refinement, and Planning

- Daily Standup

- Agile Environments

- Scrumban Application

- Successful and Failed Case Studies Sharing

- Success and Failure Analysis

Program Schedule

8.30      Register
9.00      Introduction

9.15       Understanding Agile by Drawing or Cooking
10.00    Q&A
10.15     First Break

10.30    Learning about History of Agile and the Agile Manifesto

12.00    Lunch

13.00    Scrumban Theory 

14.30    Q&A

14.45    Second Break

15.00    Scrumban Application  

15.45    Wrap up

16.00    End

Participants from...

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