Agile Drawing

Every business corner around the world is talking about Agile. Many people are curious to know what Agile is and how to implement it at their companies. Agile is about producing good products to satisfy customers. This will definitely happen when employees are treated as people not expendable assets. Agile is a mindset so it cannot be implemented. Individuals will need to change toward the newest mindset. That will lead to transformation of the workplace to be Agile. Agile Drawing provides Agile introduction with the concept of "Agile is like drawing, not printing." New Agile practitioners will understand the concept of Agile more quickly with a lot of joy. 


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to understand Agile and transform their organization from traditional management to Agile management.

Program Benefits

- Learn about the History of Agile.

- Understand the  Agile Manifesto with 4 Values and 12 Principles

- Understand the concept of frameworks under the Agile umbrella

- Practice these values and principles by producing drawing from customers’ feedback and teams’ connection

- Create Kanban, a signboard, for basic daily management


Program Outline

What is Agile?

- The Agile History

- The Agile Manifesto with 4 Values and 12 Principles

Learning Agile by Drawing

- Traditional Management Realization

- Agile Management Embodiment

Frameworks under the Agile Umbrella Introduction


Program Schedule

8.30     Register
9.00     Agile Drawing
10.00   Q&A
10.15    Break
10.30   The Agile History and The Agile Manifesto
11.30    Frameworks under the Agile Umbrella
11.45    Q&A and Wrap Up

12.00   End

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