Agile Gardening


Many organizations continue to function under traditional management which is undergoing a major transformation in reactions to different customer needs, variation in market demands, aggressive competition, and disruptive technologies. For successful revolution nowadays, organizations need to adopt Agile to create new business strategies from reference model teams to company-wide.Agile is the newest mindset for growing business. Besides Agile spurs growth in the digital transformation era. Some benefits of Agile for businesses include faster time to market, faster innovation, non-financial improvement, and employee morale.

Organizations need Agile leaders who have a bird’s eye view of the company. This will allow leaders to shift a company’s performance by providing Agile workplace environments. These leaders will need to prioritize strategic plans, remove impediments, and support financial decision making. Even though Agile originated from a Software Development Project, many leaders from other industries have successfully implemented it  Agile and Scrum practices effectively manage product development in such non-software departments as Manufacturing, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Government, Education, and R&D.

Who should attend?

1. Executives and managers who want to transform their organizations from traditional management to Agile management.

2. Anyone who wants to lead the change to Agile  in their organizations.


Program Profits

The Agile Gardening workshop will provide you with the foundations of Agile via “active learning engagement”, a quick enjoyable learning experience for you to gain knowledge, skills, and attributes that empower you to implement Agile in your organization. By attending this program, learners will be able to

  1. Understand the values and the principles of the Agile Manifesto,

  2. Understand the concept of frameworks under the Agile umbrella; Kanban, Scrum, and Scrumban

  3. Realize the power of customers, small teams, and connections.

  4. Identify impediments to Agile Transformations and Improvements.

  5. Provide environments where teams can thrive and deliver products or services.

  6. Apply coaching techniques and tools to support individuals and teams.

  7. Lead change from traditional management to Agile management.


Program Outline

Agile Manifesto

-   Describe the values and the principle of the Agile Manifesto

-   Analyze individuals and create effective communication by MeWe analyst

Agile Environment 

-   Define and design Agile environments which will encourage people to want to go to work


-   Refine Product Backlog or a to-do list

-   Conduct Spring Planning or a to-do list planning

-   Execute a to-do list and Daily Scrum

-   Review working process by team members for team performance improvements

Program Schedule

8.30     Register
9.00     Ice Breaking and Agile Gardening Part 1

10.30    Break

10.45    Agile Gardening Part 2 

            The Agile History and the Agile Manifesto

11.45     Take Away

12. 00   Lunch  

13.00    MeWe Analysis and Scrumban

14.30    Break

14.45    Agile Tools for People Management 

15.45    Take Away 

16.00    End

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