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Chapter Summary of Organizational Transformation: Universities

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1. Introduction

We all know people who have attained high levels of success despite not having a college degree. But for the general public, higher education is still needed for improving one’s quality of life. Because that need is likely to increase, institutions of higher education (IHEs) need to provide up-to-date knowledge and skills with supportive learning systems. Selecting effective learning management systems (LMSs) could be a dilemma for many institutions. In this review, I summarize Bohliqa et al.'s discussion of considerations for making informed selection of LSMs. Then I describe the options for post-secondary education and training in Thailand and the challenges institutions face in the country. Finally, I propose recommendations for application to Thai universities.

2. Chapter Summary

The chapter Organizational Transformation: Universities [1], begins with a literature review and then describes the LMS, explains about the learning content management systems (LCMSs), articulates a problem statement, and proposes the application of the Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM). The paper provides case studies, research conclusions and limitations, and finally recommendations for future research.

The article explains that according to the 2nd Annual Study of the State of Online Higher Education in the United States in 2012, 69.1% of chief academic leaders believe that online learning is affecting their long-term educational strategies. This requires investment in the LMSs and the LCMSs.The LMS provides online learning platforms for organizations. It can deliver knowledge to learners, manage training operations, and track learning results and outcomes. It can integrate with other departments such as human resources and accounting. A human resources department can administer and supervise tasks. An accounting department can monitor the overall learning budget. While the LSM supports learners and administrators, the LCMS helps organizations store learning contents. Popular LCMSs in use today include Ambone, any-3, and Assima Training Suite.


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