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Chapter Summary of Personal Transformation: Smart House

Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash

1. Introduction

Smart homes will be smart when they can improve the quality of life in general and encourage humans to lead healthier lives. While selecting effective intelligent devices is challenging, supportive and informative smart habitats can reveal the best options for consumers. In this review, I summarize Alsuwiada et al. 's chapter discussing what smart homes might mean for many people with different living conditions and characteristics. Finally, I propose recommendations for its application to my homeland, Thailand.

2. Chapter Summary

The chapter Personal Transformation: Smart House [1], begins with a literature review, then explains the application of the Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) and the Pairwise Comparison Method (PCM), options and results of smart home devices for different contexts, and finally makes recommendations for further research. Smart homes will become the norm for homes in the future because they can connect to smart gadgets which can send notifications directly to residents. They offer many benefits; security for seniors, convenience for busy people, and energy efficiency to address environmental problems. Intelligent cameras will protect elders from abusive assistants and can send appointment reminders to the elders' relatives. Robot vacuums and smart appliances make it easier for busy people to rest and entertain themselves after work without worrying about a lot of housework. Smart home devices can reduce stress and employ systems that are better at managing power and water consumption appropriate for individual climates. However, if millions of users join this home assistant revolution, smart houses could cause an overall increase in electricity consumption. That is why pairing smart devices with renewable energy technologies like solar, wind, or hydroelectricity can help decrease centralized energy needs and reduce electricity consumption costs.


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