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The Agile Cooking workshop will provide you with the foundations of Agile via the “five senses active learning engagement”, a quick enjoyable learning experience for you to gain knowledge, skills, and attributes that empower you to implement Agile in your organization.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to understand Agile and transform their organization from traditional project management to Agile product management.

What are learning topics?

Becoming Agile 

- Agile History

- Agile Manifesto

Foundations of  Scrum

- Scrum Theory

- Scrum Values

- Scrum Roles

- Scrum Events

- Scrum Artifacts

                 What are benefits?

Leaners will be able to 
- Describe what Agile is.
- Build Agile management at work by following the Agile Manifesto and concepts.
- Manage their products by applying Scrum.
- Remove roadblocks of their projects.

What are activities?  

Day 1

9.00    Ice Breaking

9.15.     What is Agile?

10.30   Break

10.45   Learning Agile by Cooking

11.45    Take Away

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Practice Basic Scrum Round 1

14.30   Break

14.45   Practice Basic Scrum Round 1 (Continue)

16.00   End

Day 2

9.00    Day 1 Review

9.30    Practice Basic Scrum Round 2

10.30   Break

10.45   Practice Basic Scrum Round 2 (Continue)

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Practice Basic Scrum Round 3

14.30   Break

14.45   Practice Basic Scrum Round 3 (Continue)

16.00   End

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