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"I think that it will be better if we do the right thing at the beginning."


-Dahm M. Hongchai-

AgileOpen, California 2016


I introduced Agile, Scrum, Agile Education and eduScrum to schools and universities in Thailand. Besides the reason above, I knew that I was born on the 27th of May 1980, but I don’t really know when I will die. I might not wake up tomorrow. That is why I set up my project #FreeFRIDAY because I will not wait until I will be rich or I will have more time and then I will give back to societies. I give away my Fridays for free. I just need a free lunch, and free transportation and free accommodation for a place outside Bangkok.


In the middle of 2018, I started at an innovative school, Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning, where I was a facilitator there in 2012. The school adopted the theory of Learning by Doing from Professor Seymour Papert from MIT. It is called Constructionism. Basically, Constructionism is like Empiricism in the Scrum Guide.  Students learn from doing and running a project with the Waterfall project management. I introduced Agile and Scrum to them without saying anything about Agile and Scrum. I asked them when they would finish their project. You know the answer. On the night before the deadline day! My first Scrum team was successful. That made other teachers jealous. They asked me and students to share with them what and how we did the project successfully. They let me work with three more teams. I didn’t waste my energy to ask them for permission any more. They were ready to scale up. So far I have worked with seven eduScrum teams at this school and introduced Agile, Scrum, Agile Education, and eduScrum to five schools in Thailand.

I totally believe that if young people are taught with the right mindset and framework, they will perform well at work in the future. 

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