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Foundations of Agile


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to understand Agile and transform their organization from traditional management to Agile management.

What are learning topics?

What is Agile?

- The Agile History

- The Agile Manifesto with 4 Values and 12 Principles

Learning Agile by Drawing

- Traditional Management Realization

- Agile Management Embodiment

Frameworks under the Agile Umbrella

What are benefits?

Leaners will be able to 

- Describe what Agile is.

- Build Agile management at work by following the Agile Manifesto and concepts.

- Select a right framework for their work.

What are activities?

9.00     Ice Breaking
9.10      What is Agile?
9.40     How to be Agile?
10.30    Break
10.45    Agile Management Transformation
Frameworks under Agile
12.00    End

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