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MeWe Analysis for Team Building

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Sometimes it is very difficult to understand other people and even ourselves. This will lead to ineffective communication with colleagues, friends, and family members. That is why many teams or families are not successful when they try to work or live together. MeWe analysis assesses people's personality styles and identifies effective communication strategies for players. Players will better understand individuals they are interacting with and create powerful communication. As a result, people will understand the first value of the Agile Manifesto, Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. Moreover, the workplace or family will be a joyful place for people.


1. The card deck contains 52 cards which describe people’s personality traits. Players are required to read all cards and choose 13 cards. Then they must  narrow down those 13 cards to 7 cards within 6 minutes. They will be required to flip the 7 cards over and look at the pictures of animals on the other side. They will see what kind of animal they are from the animal represented most from the selected cards.


2. A game facilitator will group the same kind of animals together. They have 5 minutes to discuss their personalities as indicated by the animal most frequently chosen among their group members and come up with ideas for how others can work with them effectively, as listed in the table below.

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3. A representative from each group then presents the table to all players. The facilitator should then point out  that all kinds of people might have to comprise and work together for collaboration to happen.


Note: It might happen that some players may have mixed animals, for example, 2 cards of a bear, 2 cards of a mouse, 2 cards of an eagle, and a card of a bull. These players should be grouped  together.

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