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Rugby Scrum

Dahm was a co-trainer with Jeff Sutherland, a co-creator of Scrum at Scrum Inc in Boston in 2019. He is the official translator of the Scrum@Scale guide. 

What is Scrum@Scale?

Scrum@Scale naturally extends the core Scrum framework to deliver better results across any organization. Scrum@Scale provides the structure for systems and processes to grow organically out of the unique conditions your organization has. It was created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the Scrum Guide.

What are benefits?

Leaners will be able to 
- Facilitate their multi-product development projects with Scrum@Scale.
- Coordinate with Scrum masters, product owners, executives, and support functions. 
- Connect all dots for releasing products. 
- Complete Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Credential from Scrum.Inc. 

What are learning topics?

1. The Scrum@Scale Framework
- Purpose & Definitions
- Values-Driven Culture
- Getting Started
2. Patterns of High Performing Teams
3. Scaling the Teams
- The Team Process
- Scrum@Scale (SoS)
4. Scrum Master Cycle: Coordinating the "How"
- The Scrum of Scrum Master (SoSM)
- The Executive Action Team (EAT)
- The Agile Practice
- Continuous Improvement and Impediment Removal
- Cross-Team Coordination 
- Delivery
5. Product Owner Cycle: Coordination the "What"
- Scaling the Product Owner
- Strategic Vision
- Backlog Prioritization
- Backlog Decomposition & Refinement
- Release Planning
6. Connecting the Cycles
- Product & Release Feedback
- Metrics & Transparency
7. Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Credential

What are activities?  

Day 1 (On-Site)

9.00    The Scrum@Scale Framework 

            Patterns of High Performing Teams

10.30   Break

10.45   Scrum@Scale in Practice Round 1

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Scale the Teams

14.30.  Break

14.45   Scrum@Scale in Practice Round 2

16.30   End


Day 2 (On-site)

9.00    Wrap Up Day 1 & Scrum Master Cycle

10.30   Break

10.45   Scrum@Scale in Practice Round 3

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Product Owner Cycle

14.30   Break

14.45.  Scrum@Scale in Practice Round 4

16.30   End

Day 3 (On-site)

9.00    Wrap Up Day 2 & Connecting the Cycles

12.00   Lunch

13.00   Scrum@Scale in Practice Round 5

16.30   End

Day 14 (Virtual)

9.00    Online Verbal Examination with Dahm 

Day 32 (Online)

The Last Day for Online Examination with Scrum Inc

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