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Agile Gardening


As a leader, you are a gardener. Organizations need Agile leaders who have a bird’s eye view of the company. This will allow leaders to shift a company’s performance by providing Agile workplace environments. These leaders will need to prioritize strategic plans, remove impediments, and support financial decision making. 

Who should attend?

Executives and anyone who want to transform their organizations from traditional management to Agile management.

What are learning topics?

Iceberg of Business Disruption

- People Behaviors

- Process Transformation

- Mindset Shift 

Agile Manifesto

- Agile Values

- Agile Principles

- The History of Agile

Agile Gardening 

- Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders in Agile Environments

Basic Kanban

- Roles and Responsibilities 

- Events 

What are benefits?

Learners will be able to 
- Transform businesses by applying iceberg of business disruption.
- Describe what Agile is by following the Agile Manifesto.
- Create Agile environments to support teams. 
- Manage and balance personal and work life. 
- Lead changes by applying Kanban to work.

What are activities?  

Day 1  

9.00     Ice Breaking

9.15      Why, What, How of Agile

             Agile Drawing Workshop

10.15    Break
10.30   MeWe + Agile Toy Making Workshop

12.00   Lunch

13.30   Conflict Management

14.45   Break

15.00   Agile Gardening Workshop

17.00   End

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