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  Agile for Leadership


Organizations need Agile leaders who have a bird’s eye view of the company. This will allow leaders to shift a company’s performance by providing Agile workplace environments. These leaders will need to prioritize strategic plans, remove impediments, and support financial decision making. 

Who should attend?

Executives and anyone who want to transform their organizations from traditional management to Agile management.

What are learning topics?

Agile Manifesto

- The values and the principle of the Agile Manifesto

Agile Gardening

- Roles

- Responsibilities

Scrum for Leadership

- Scrum Values

- Scrum Events

- Roles of Leaders

What are benefits?

Leaners will be able to 
- Describe what Agile and Agile leadership are.
- Build Agile management at work by following the Agile Manifesto and concepts.
- Be Agile leaders by following a statement "As a leader, I'm a gardener."
- Lead change from traditional management to Agile management.

What are activities?  

Day 1

9.00     Ice Breaking

9.10      What is Agile?

10.15     Break
10.30    Agile Gardening Workshop
11.45     Q&A

12.00    End

Day 2

9.00     Day 1 Wrap up

9.10      Scrum in Practice Round 1

10.15     Break

10.45    Scrum in Practice Round 2

12.00    End

Day 3

Learners are required to do assignments and observe their behaviors.

Day 16

9.00      Show & Share What went well?

10.00     Break

10.15       Show & Share What could be better?

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